Chapter Thirteen: Part Four

I sigh and close my eyes for a moment, collecting myself. Then I open them and look to Dormer and Massers.

“Massers, give those four names to Dormer. Dormer, you tell them that they’ve been called back into service by the crowned prince Ayers. Have them brought directly to the council’s meeting chambers. I also need Sarsur’s family confined to their chambers for the time being. Their rooms are to be guarded. No messages in or out. For now, have all the guard posts in the castle doubled. You’re dismissed.” I reel off.

Dormer gives me a bow and heads off, calling to a group of guards who come forward at his call. Each one of them has a silver badge on their chest; lower officers. After a few moments of speaking with them, they scatter and take groups of guards with them.

Dormer has four guards assigned to protect me, Caden, and Sara. A guard comes up beside us, holding an unconscious Sara to his chest.

“Highness,” he acknowledges, bowing his head in respect. I nod in reply before turning back to a waiting Massers.

“Are there any clean and empty bedchambers?” I ask him.

“Yes, highness. Your childhood chambers have been kept clean and empty of inhabitants.” He replies promptly. My throat constricts but I swallow past it.

“Alright. Sara, Caden, and I will go there to freshen up and rest for now. Have a meal sent up as well as changes of clothing for all three of us as well as a handmaiden to care for Sara.” I tell Massers who nods.

“Put the servants back to work and come get me when the old council members are collected and waiting for me.” I instruct. Massers heads off to do as he’s told and I motion for Caden to follow me out of the throne room. He turns and takes Sara gently from the guards’ arms and follows me out.

The four guards Dormer assigned move into formation around us, two in front and two in back, with Caden, Sara, and I in the middle.

I remember how to get to my rooms and I walk as quickly as possible, not wanting to linger and look upon the halls I grew up in. I don’t know how I’ll handle seeing them yet.

We reach the doors to my rooms and I place my hand on the wood, feeling the familiar ivy carvings beneath my palm. After a moment, I turn and direct the guards to wait in the hall. They turn without question and station themselves in the hallway, two directly outside the doors and the other two a bit down the hallway in either direction.

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About Lisa Maire Meier

I am an aspiring writer who someday hopes to get my work published. My Four Fallen Trilogy has consumed my life for the past seven years and I can't wait to get it finished and share it with the world, hopefully publishing Sara the Fallen in book form once this blog is finished.
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