Chapter Ten: Part Thirty-Two

“Alright, then.” I reply. “Nedac, you lead the way with the weapon. Clear us a path. I’ll follow with Emmalis and the third backpack. Nerits, you bring up the rear using whatever magic you deem necessary to protect us. Alright?”

“A sound plan, miss Sara.” Nerits says. Nedac just grunts in response. I reach down and pick up the third backpack and swing it over my left shoulder, opposite Emmalis. Nerits comes forward and helps me strap the extra backpack onto my back.

“Will you be able to handle all the weight?” he asks, doubtfully. I know how this must look to him. I’m carrying almost a hundred pounds of weight on my back and fifty pounds of child on my front.

“I’ll be fine.” I say, giving him a reassuring smile. He gives me an uncertain look but lets the subject drop.

“Once we open this door we will be noticed straight away. You must stay right behind me if you expect to survive. Understand?” Nedac asks, voice razor sharp. Nerits and I both nod in response.

“Alright then. Here we go!” Nedac exclaims. And just like that he throws the door open and takes off running down the hall.

For a split second, I stand in stunned silence. Then, letting out a growl of frustrated rage, I wrap my arms tight around Emmalis and take off after him, Nerits a step behind me.

The hall is flooded with the master’s guards. A large guard is running straight at me with his sword raised but Nerits throws out a hand and the man is thrown back.

Everything is a whirl of motion and yelling. Up ahead, Nedac has already disarmed a guard and has a sword held tight in his left hand. He pauses for just a moment, long enough for Nerits and me to catch up.

Then, I’m surprised when Nedac reaches out with his right hand and takes tight hold of my left hand.

The moment seems suspended in time. His white eyes meet mine for a split second. My hand squeezes his, and then, with a hard yank, he’s tugging me down the hallway, Nerits following right behind.  

My right arm is wrapped tightly around Emmalis as we make our way farther down the hall. Nedac keeps us tight to the right wall so we’re completely protected on one side. We’re constantly being charged from the front, left side, and rear, and our travel down the hall is slow going but steady.


About Lisa Maire Meier

I am many things and many things make up who I am. I am an aspiring author. I am a fangirl. I am a nerd. I am a musician. I am a feminist. I am a big sister. I am a fiance. I have a girlfriend named Ashe who is my world. Her and I are getting married in July of 2016. She is my love... my life. Someday, I'm going to be a mother. Someday, I'm going to be a published author. Someday, I shall live in a hobbit hole and spend my days on my computer writing, living in worlds of my own creation. But for now, I spend my days working, and my spare time dreaming, going on adventures, and planning a wedding while simultaneously editing my novel and falling more in love with my fiance as time passes.
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